IMPROVE PD is a European Action titled: ‘Identification and Management of Patients at Risk – Outcome and Vascular Events in Peritoneal Dialysis’.

IMPROVE PD connects leading researchers who will collaborate in the shared goal of understanding the mechanisms of inflammation-driven cardiovascular disease in Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) patients, developing individualized approaches to identify those at risk, and testing new therapies in them.

Network-wide and local training activities including academies and satellite modules associated with large nephrology conferences, combined with individual research projects, intersectoral secondments and short laboratory visits, will provide key generic skills including valorisation, entrepreneurship and intellectual property management and will prepare ESRs for future roles as highly skilled research leaders in Europe.










IMPROVE-PD is funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Programme as an Innovative Training Network (ITN-ETN).

The aim of this Programme is to train a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative early-stage researchers, able to face current and future challenges and to convert knowledge and ideas into products and services for economic and social benefit.


Ivan Damgov

Ivan (Bulgarian), Biostatistician and SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer with Experience in Study Design and Statistical Analysis.
RESEARCH PROJECT: Longitudinal PD risk profiling and CV outcome analysis.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Universitaets-Klinikum Heidelberg (Germany)

Iva Marinovic

Iva (Croatian), MSc. Drug Research and Development.
RESEARCH PROJECT: Understanding and modulating the molecular basis of peritoneal solute transport to improve peritoneal dialysis efficacy and outcome.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Universitaets-Klinikum Heidelberg (Germany)

Obaida Istanbuly

Obaida (Syrian), qualified medical doctor who has critical thinking in biostatistics and experience in working with clinical electronic databases and dissemination evidence-based medicine.
RESEARCH PROJECT: Inflammation and Cardiovascular Risk in Peritoneal Dialysis.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Keele University (United Kingdom)

Madonna Atef Boulos Salib

Madonna (Egyptian), Erasmus Mundus European Master’s degree in Quality in Analytical Laboratories. Guest Researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA. Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
RESEARCH PROJECT: The determination of pertinent biomarkers, particularly those related to inflammation and fibrosis, to evaluate the risk of cardiovascular outcomes among end stage kidney disease patients undergoing chronic dialysis.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: INSERM Nancy Clinical Investigation Centre (France)

Eva Arriero

Eva (Spanish), Biochemist (FU Berlin) with background in Mol. Biology, Biostatistics, Biophysics and languages. “It is simply less entropic to perform highest with yourself and your environment".
RESEARCH PROJECT: Evaluation of the epithelial to mesenchymal transition in peritoneal functional decline and cardiovascular disease.

Vanessa Marchant

Vanessa (Chilean), Bachelor of Science, Licentiate of Biochemistry, Biochemist, PhD candidate, Universidad Austral de Chile.
RESEARCH PROJECT: Humoral factors communicating peritoneal to systemic inflammation and cardiovascular disease.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)

Inês Paula Dias Costa

Inês (Portuguese), PhD Student with a Master’s degree focused in Biochemistry from Universidade do Porto. Several years of research experience and skilled in immunology, molecular biology and genetics.
RESEARCH PROJECT: The Role of the peritoneal barrier in controlling the local-systemic inflammatory link.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

Esra Cetin

Esra (Turkish). Master’s degree in Biology. Focusing on gaining the necessary knowledge and expertise in the immunology field to complete her Ph.D. studies.
RESEARCH PROJECT: Mechanisms and therapeutic prevention of cardiovascular disease development following peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis patients.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Cardiff University (United Kingdom)

Shrea Roy

Shrea (Indian), Bachelor - Biotechnology Engineering (India), Masters - Molecular Life Sciences (Germany)
RESEARCH PROJECT: Hyaluronan (HA)-Regulation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype and Vascular Classification in Peritoneal Dialysis.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Cardiff University (United Kingdom)

Jamie Kane

Jamie (British), Biomedical Sciences at Manchester for BSc and carried on to a Biological Sciences MRes at Manchester.
RESEARCH PROJECT: The impact of local and systemic inflammation triggered by chronic kidney disease and peritoneal dialysis on the progression of uremic cardiomyopathy, vascular calcification, and atherosclerosis.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Amsterdam UMC (The Netherlands)

Jitka Láchová

Jitka (Czech Republic), studied medicine at Charles University in Prague. She has been working as a hospital physician for 5 years specializing in pediatrics and pediatric nephrology.
RESEARCH PROJECT: The Role of the Microbiome for Cardiovascular Risk and the Mode-of-Action of a Novel Dipeptide containing PD Fluid.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Zytoprotec (Austria)

Juan Manuel Sacnun

Juan Manuel (Argentinean), Degree in Biotechnology at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina.
RESEARCH PROJECT: From Mechanism to First-in-Human Application - Cardiovascular Effects of a Novel Kinase-Inhibitor-containing Cytoprotective PD Fluid.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Zytoprotec (Austria)

Valeria Kopytina

Valeria (Russian), graduated in Chemistry from Voronezh State University in Russia and finished her Master’s degree in pharmacological research at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid specialized in cardiovascular diseases.
RESEARCH PROJECT: Study of a novel peritoneal dialysis fluid based on Stevioside

Krystell Oviedo

Krystell (Costa Rica), studied Medicine in the University of Costa Rica, and a Master in Palliative Oncology in Spain. Involved in the clinical practice in the Social Security System in Costa Rica, and also studied Oncology at the University of Nottingham. Professor for postgraduate studies in the University of Costa Rica.
RESEARCH PROJECT: Translation of research into development of a commercial peritoneal dialysis fluid.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Baxter Healthcare (Austria)

Michail Evgeniou

Mike (Greek) studied Biomedical Science at the Technological Institute of Athens and did his MSc. in Bioinformatics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He worked on the field of In sillico drug design as software developer and data analyst.
RESEARCH PROJECT: Using big data from the public domain for in-silico screening compounds with therapeutic potential in PD.
HOSTING ORGANISATION: Medical University of Vienna (Austria)

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The IMPROVE PD consortium connects leading academic and industrial researchers in this field internationally, who will cooperate in the shared goal of understanding the mechanisms of inflammation-driven cardiovascular disease in PD patients, developing individualized approaches to identify those at risk, and testing new therapies in them.



Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (ES)



Cardiff University (UK)

Dutch Kidney Foundation (NL)

Baxter Healthcare (AT)

The European Peritoneal Dialysis Association (UK)

INSERM Nancy Clinical Investigation Centre (FR)

Fresenius Medical Care (DE)

University of Keele (UK)

Kidney Research UK (UK)

Medical University of Vienna (AT)

Delta 4 (AT)

Université Catholique de Louvain (BE)

Servicio Madrileño de Salud- Instituto de Investigación del Hospital Universitario La Paz (ES)

Universitaets-Klinikum Heidelberg (DE)

University of Ghent (BE)

Amsterdam UMC (NL)

Renal Registry UK (UK)

Zytoprotec GmbH (AT)

Australia/New Zealand Renal Registry (AU)

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (ES)

Poznan University of Medical Science (PL)


Institut de Recerca Biomèdica de Lleida (ES)